Roof Trusses

Structural metal plate connected roof trusses are a relatively new development in the history of wood frame construction. Invented in 1952, it was only in the 1970s that their use became widespread. Since that time, the strength and efficiency they provide has made them the standard in the industry.

Effective use of wood truss systems depends, however, on quality and efficiency. Tech-Wood works hard to maintain the highest standards in both. Before any material hits our set-up table, all cutting is completed by automated saws guided by computer downloaded design drawings.

Tech-Wood then combines both computer-generated auto-setup with overhead laser projection on our perimeter-definition tables for the best in both accuracy and efficiency.

Time is money... we meet our schedules and our customers also benefit from fewer fixes and reworks as a result of our high quality standards and dedication to delivering fit-for-purpose structural components.

Our Mission

To be the Trusted Provider of Structural Wood Component Solutions

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