Tech-Wood Building Components is all about efficiency and quality. Our products help builders complete their projects more efficiently, saving them time and money. Our products are precision manufactured to custom project specifications in a controlled fabrication environment - this means higher quality and fit-for-purpose excellence.

The application of these products has a range of benefits across the three key segments in which we work.

Residential Housing: large volume single-family, multi-Family and custom homes
Commercial Wood Frame: strip malls to condos to institutional facilities
Agricultural: large form, specialty and traditional agricultural buildings

There are a number of important trends impacting all sectors of the construction industry:

  • Increased competition requires builders to be focused on improving profitability (reducing overhead, supervision & labour costs, and construction time, etc.)
  • Builders have difficulty finding and retaining experienced and qualified framers during peak periods
  • Increase in job-site safety regulations
  • Builders are marketing "green" building products and techniques
  • Material cost increases emphasize the need for builders to minimize site waste and loss
  • Municipalities are considering incentives to builders to minimize landfill waste from construction sites
  • Structures are becoming more complex and require an integrated design solution
Tech-Wood Building Components provides a response across the board to these challenges.

Our vision is to lead the industry in creating value for our builder customers by:
  • Reducing frame to lock-up times
  • Reducing builder overhead costs
  • Reducing builder site supervision and field labour costs
  • Simplifying the overall building process
  • Minimizing job site waste
  • Eliminating job site loss

We accomplish this by offering a complete wood framing solution.

Our Mission

To be the Trusted Provider of Structural Wood Component Solutions

Our Vision

Building Exceptional Lives for Ourselves and Those Around Us

Our Values

Respect – Commitment – Integrity – Teamwork – Create a Positive Experience